Stress is the principal nemesis of human beings and an equal opportunity tormentor. Stress dampens the spirit of an individual and distracts him from reaching his goals. Ongoing globalization, rapid technological advances and a fragile worldwide economy have raised stress levels to a new high for millions of people all over the world. People from all walks of life feel the pinch of these events and helpless to turn their lives around for the better. The purpose of The Turning Point:  Conquering Stress with Courage, Clarity and Confidence, is to enlighten the disenchanted millions as to how to conquer stress and lead peaceful and productive lives.

Conquering stress and taking charge of one’s destiny will be the turning point in one’s life. The unique breakthrough of this book is the ‘The Turning Point Program,’ designed to guide a stressed out individual step by step with examples to identify the source and neutralize stress forever.  Individuals usually look at stress from their own and the world’s perspective, and therefore are unable to grasp the dynamics of stress and to conquer it. This book also introduces a new, ground breaking concept called Naturization, which is the missing link in the fight against stress. Naturization provides a third perspective, nature’s perspective, a key and an invaluable tool to conquer stress.

Balasa Prasad M.D.

Preetham Grandhi M.D.


"A highly personal and insightful account of new approaches to conceptualizing stress and its reduction. This book will be of interest to both general readers and professionals focused on stress disorders."

Fred R Volkmar, M.D. - Irving B. Harris Professor

Director - Child Study Center,

Yale University School of Medicine,

Chief of Child Psychiatry Yale New Haven Hospital

"Dr. Prasad makes a strong case not just for managing stress but for banishing it altogether from your life. I agree completely that any stress is bad stress, no matter what the headlines tell you.  This new book will show you that the stress-free life is indeed possible."

Robert Epstein, Ph.D., former editor-in-chief,

 Psychology Today

author of “The Big Book of Stress Relief Games”

“Dr. Prasad, one of the country’s most successful and original addiction specialists has now offered us a road map for kicking stress.”

Steve Kroft - 60 minutes CBS News correspondent

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Stop! Listen. Enjoy The Moment. Now Conquer Your Stress

In a nutshell, the Turning Point Program teaches you how to conquer stress through 3 steps: courage, clarity and confidence. You`re encouraged to use all 3 of your minds (instinctual, emotional and rational) with your instincts guiding you for the most part. In the book, Dr. Prasad explains how our minds (and decisions) affect at least 5 sectors of our life: the physical, professional, personal, financial and social.

Moreover, the Turning Point is where you become “Naturized,” a term Dr. Prasad uses to describe living in accordance with Nature`s laws. “Naturization humbles us without hobbling us…our balanced instincts, intellect, and emotions allow us to solve problems with courage, determine goals with clarity, and act with confidence.”

Naturized individuals stand out in the world because they consider their lives a blessing and an assignment from Nature, one that they will complete to the best of their abilities in an honorable way. They use their given talents to truly contribute to the world while simultaneously creating happiness and fulfillment for themselves.

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